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Offline list

From now on you also have the possibility to make a whole list of acronyms offline and send it to me. As I haven't implemented doubles filters yet you should pay attention to enter new acronyms only.

The format of the list to be imported be me has to be CSV (Comma-Separated Values). To keep it simple you can also download a complete Excel 2000 file (should also be usable with Excel 97) which already includes the right header line. This file can be exported to CSV then:

File -> Save as -> File type CSV (comma-separated) (*.csv).

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Format for the CSV file to be imported:

Header line

The header line is optional, i.e. it doesn't have to be given. At the moment it is simply being recognized by having the word "Acronym" or "Acronym" in the first field - if you play around with that your complete CSV file might simply be delete by me.

That might look like that e.g.:


The field contents can be framed by apostrophes or not, you can use comma or semicolon as field separator (these must not be mixed up in one file of course).




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